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Ruby Ribbon (For Women by Women)

My whole life from the time I started wearing women’s under garments I have dreaded the shopping experience. I struggled with fit, constant adjusting and long day wear fatigue. I became so weary of needing to shop for bras and such I rarely did.
I have tried many other types of support and shapewear. Nothing is as supportive, comfortable and non slipping as I have found with Ruby Ribbon.

I have recently become a Ruby Ribbon stylist to help women find their way back to comfort and joy. Wellness can be had in many ways! I know first hand that having supportive and comfortable undergarments makes a world of difference in our daily lives. I have been wearing my Camis since October 2023 and I don't want to ever go back to wearing an uncomfortable underwire bra again. In fact, I just bought a Demi now too! Join me in this revelation!

What is it about your current bra you don’t like? I would like to become your personal Ruby Ribbon Stylist! Contact me for a private fitting, or make it a fun event with other women you know. We can even discuss after your Massage appointment! Below is a link to my Ruby Ribbon site (highlight and open link) in order to see so many beautiful styles and wears you can try on. Please make sure you Register or Sign in first: